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Thursday, April 28, 2011

April Took You Away

::January 3rd, u came into my life.I was reading the Almost Moon when i heard knocks on my door. Brother came into my room with u in his arm. I am overjoyed seeing you, and you sleep on my bed that night together with Songkhla. Day by day, ur images were captured by Renji. U look so beautiful in front of the camera,you never failed to make me smile::

::U were so playful, that sometimes even Nongrong & Songkhla can't stand it. You scratch my blanket every night and wake me up in middle of the night. You accompany me everytime I'm watching korean dramas and fell asleep on my lap. You like to play with your own tail and i can't stop laughing seeing you chasing your own tail. You make my gloomy days brighter when u look at me with that shining eyes. You always hide behind the car tyre and u pissed my dad off that he has to chase u away before he could drive the car away::

::28 February, we came back from the hospital for sister check up and mom says you didn't show up since afternoon. I checked on everywhere, i call for ur name but i didnt hear your bell like i always do. I cried. I went to ask the neighbours, I went to the nearby mosque, I went everywhere, I thought ur gone, for real. But dad found you in mom's closet, sleeping, like nothing has happen. Im relief, all my sorrow's gone::

::April 2nd, I'm helping my sister at her smocking booth. I went home late and you're sitting in front of my room door. I feed you food, but you refuse. You sit on my bed and fell asleep. I left home early in the morning for the smocking booth. Came back in the afternoon and mom said you and Nongrong might have accidently ate frog. We threat both of u, Nongrong's getting ok day by day. But you refuse milk, u refuse food. But still, i try to let u drink some milk everyday eventhough it's very little. Wednesday, you seems getting better, u start to drink more milk and water, at least im less worried now. Yesterday u ate the tuna in the pouch that i feed you. You convince me that you're now ok. I was wrong.

::April 8th, 5.59am, Im heading to bathroom for wudhuk to perform Subuh prayer. You're infront of the bathroom. Your walk seems weird.You suddenly fell. All ur body was shaking. Within seconds, your body went mute. You're gone. You're really gone now::

You've been the heart of some peoples in my fb list. Thank you for being a great companion since the last 4 month :'| Sleep well, Somchai

Actually for you all to know this is an entry by Sis Farah Othman !
dan ini adalah kisah benar mengenai seekor kucing yg sangat comel bernama Somchai .
tujuan nadz share kt sini adalah disebabkan nadz tersangat sangat terharu and sedih bila baca entry ni kt blog Sis Farah ! rasa macam apa yg Sis ceritakan tu jadi kt nadz .

seriously , nanges baca entry ni .
sedih sangat . :'(
tapi nk gtau kt sini nadz sangat sangat sayangkan kuceng and apa2 ja pet yg comel such as Domo !!

ini diantara gambar2 si comel ini .
nadz sangat sangat tertarik dengan gaya2 comelnya .

Tuhan ambil nyawa dia dulu mungkin sebab taknak dia menderita kesakitan lagi .
nadz harap Sis Farah banyak2kan bersabar .
nadz pn rasa apa yg Sis rasa masa Domo tinggalkan nadz . (Here)
Be Strong Sis !!

terima kasih pada yang sudi baca !
harap datang lagi !!

with love ; nadzli.azlan

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aniswany said... [Reply to comment]

alOlooo.sedey je baca entry nih..comey betol kucen tuh..anis pn ada pet tp hamster la ^_-

yukicumil said... [Reply to comment]

btol2... sedey bce entry ni :(
sye de kucen jgak, nme die MOne.. Nadz leh tgk kt cni,
tp sye de arnab n hamster jgak :)

tomatokering :) said... [Reply to comment]

waaaaaaaaaaa~~ siyes sedih!! :'(

and siyes dia sangat comelll mcm yg u ckp !