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Sunday, May 29, 2011

I miss you so much !

Assalamualaikum .

Ermmm , dah dekat dua bulan .
Yes , definitely .
 Dua bulan nadz hidup tanpa Domo di sisi .

Domo , mish you lahh .
How are you there ?
Is it better than when you are with me ?

If its better , that's good .
I wish you can hear me and i can hear you .
I wanna know what are you doing there .
I wanna know that you are fine there .
I wanna know that you are happy there with your new friends .

Domo , i miss you .
Did u miss me ?
I wish u hear me saying I miss you .
I miss you so much Domo .
I miss your voice , I miss all of your memories with me .

Domo , take care there .
I hope one day I will see you again .
I wanna hug u tightly , I wanna kiss you .
I wanna play with you like there's no other things to do in this world .
Domo , please know that I really-really miss you .
And I really-really love you dear .

Rest In Peace Domo !

I will always love and miss you :'(

with love ; nadzli.azlan

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yukicumil said... [Reply to comment]

mmg sedey :(
Dun't worry, I believe Domo will be happy there when u always love Domo :)

kiera'sakura said... [Reply to comment]

sesungguhnya tempat domo yg lebih baik adalah kat sana adk .. xmo sedih2 ok.. =)

nadzli azlan said... [Reply to comment]

tQ Kak Kira & Yuki ~